The APDEA (Portuguese Association of Agricultural Economics, the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC), the IIA (Applied Institute of Research), the CERNAS (Research Centre for Natural Resources, Environment and Society), with the support of SOBER (Brazilian Society of Economics, Management and Rural Sociology), of CEFAGE-UE (Center for Advanced Studies in Management and Economics) and of CETRAD (Centre for Transdisciplinary Development Studies) will be held next year in Coimbra, between 7 and 9 September 2016, an international and multidisciplinary event. Particular emphasis will be placed on issues of agricultural politics and on subject of Lusophone community.
This event under the motto “Public Policies for Agriculture towards 2020", ESADR 2016 bring together the VIII Congress of APDEA and II Lusophone Meeting in Economics, Sociology, Environment and Rural Development.
Its aim is to think and rethink the ways of agriculture not only in the European Union and in terms of the Common Agricultural Policy, but in the broader space of the Lusophone world, closely linked culturally and economically.
The emphasis will be on the main challenges and major political issues on agriculture and rural areas, anticipating problems and proposing ways in terms of economic, environmental and territorial challenges in order to adopt a proactive attitude.
APDEA invites to the participation in this event through the submission of abstracts in several subject field and different topics, encouraging young researchers to present their work, thereby extending the debate that will be important in the present and in the future of agriculture.
The conference is held in the centre of Portugal, in the city of Coimbra, a UNESCO World Patrimony City, a place of historical cultural confluences political and scientific; a City with multiple academic traditions and home to many political and social revolutions.